In this section, we briefly examine the current state of the US tax law as it pertains to residency and expatriation. Tax law is incredibly complex, so what we have here is just a summary overview that can hopefully help you start to analyze your own situation.

This section is only about current law. If you’re coming here directly and didn’t pass through previous areas of this site, two sections which you might find useful are how the US citizenship-based tax compares to the rest of the world and the background and history of the tax on expatriation.

In examining the impact which renunciation of citizenship would have on your US tax situation, there are two effects to analyze: the difference in taxation faced by citizens and non-resident non-citizens, and the “exit tax” / gift-tax regime faced by a citizen who expatriates. We address each in separate sections, and then put the information together to show how you might analyze your own situation.